Welcome to the official blog site one of the students of SMK Negeri 5 Surabaya

Welcome to the official blog site one of the students of SMK Negeri 5 Surabaya. now comes the latest contents of the info-news, sports, technology in the form of international English language. please access the information through this blog. Thank you for accessing this blog.


Technology Area

I"Acer Iconia Tab A200" Android tablet is smaller and lighter than a magazine
Indocomtech 2011 event will end today at 23:00. For Teknokerz which have not been present at the prestigious annual event titled 'See How IT Goes' is also no need to worry, because a variety of new, more sophisticated devices will also be popping up again. One of them as in the ranks of the Acer Iconia Tab tablets, the duo A500 and A100 in the near future is ......

News Area

7 billion over the Earth's Population
he world population has now reached 6.77 billion and on October 31, 2011 the world population will be translucent figure 7 billion. Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) warned that the baby next month to 7 billion people will be born. UN Secretary General Bank Ki-moon mentioned the birth of a baby all 7 billion of this in the UN General......

Sport Area

Germany national team 2012 European Cup champion drill
Loew said he was targeting trophy for Germany for the first time in 16 years.
Germany has not won the European Cup trophy since 1996 in England and foster children Loew won three in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
"Championship of Europe in many ways more difficult than the World Cup," Loew said in an interview with the German football federation website. ...

Science Area

Our Future and Earth are 20 facts Terrible

20 Terrible Facts About Our Future and Earth
Our Earth will not last forever, while we rely on the earth to survive. We will perish together when the earth devastated by a variety of reasons. It sounds scary at all, .....

Job's Area

PT. Corporindo TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is a company engaged in the Distribution and Sales Machine Fingerprint Time Attendance, Time Attendance and Door Access Control Face.

Currently we are in need of young professionals to position:...

MSH 1st[my Band] Area

Msh 1st was formed on February 19, 2009. This is only a Band member. On March 3, 2006 was originally the name of the band was named MocaX lau renamed TryBone then renamed again to MSH Band, and finally on February 19, 2009 the last name of my band "Msh 1st" ...